Many good things about ADHD and Autism

We like to think that having ADHD and Autism can be like having super powers!

We believe that the name ADHD should be changed to Concentration Activity Neurodiversity or CAN for short! With good support in place, a person with ADHD CAN do great things and fulfil his or her potential.

If your child has ADHD, they may be good at:

  • Solving problems
  • Being creative
  • Sociable
  • Being motivated
  • Persistent
  • Not afraid to take risks

Many entrepreneurs are thought to have the condition.

Qualities that people on the Autistic Spectrum can have include:

  • A good eye for detail
  • An excellent memory
  • The ability to absorb and retain facts
  • Good observational skills
  • Good visual skills
  • Concentration skills
  • Observational skills

Many engineers are thought to be on the autistic spectrum.

Famous People With ADHD and/or Autism

Did you know that many successful people have ADHD and/or Autism.

These famous people are reported to have ADHD:

  • Rory Bremner
  • Emma Watson
  • Ryan Gosling
  • Justin Timberlake
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Michael Phelps

And famous people reported to be on the autistic spectrum includes:

  • Chris Packam
  • Albert Einstein
  • Daryl Hannah
  • Dan Akroyd