Frequently Asked Questions

I think my child has ASD. What shall I do?

Our doctor will first want to find out a bit more information in advance of the clinic visit. This will help to form a background for the assessment. The actual assessment will include Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS) – an interactive assessment with your child. In this assessment we will look at your child’s communication style and behaviour.

I think my child has ADHD and I would like him assessed. What shall I do?

First please contact us. Our clinic manager will explain the details of the assessment. This usually involves collecting questionnaires from you, your child’s teachers and your child if appropriate. Sometimes further tests such as a QBCheck – an interactive computer test – will be suggested.

Do I need a GP referral?

We welcome referrals from GPs but you can also refer yourself. Your GP will always be sent the letter following your child’s assessment.

Does my child’s teachers need to know I am seeing you?

If you prefer not to involve your child’s teachers, the assessment could still be done but the doctor is likely to recommend a QBCheck in addition to seeing your child. This is an interactive computer test measuring symptom of ADHD. However, we thoroughly recommend your child’s school is involved at some point.