Case Study – Matt (age 7) – ADHD

Matt’s (7) teachers were concerned about his lack of concentration, inability to sit still and impulsive behaviour. His parents, Nick and Anna, had also noted these problems. They found Matt very difficult to manage. He was defiant and aggressive to his brother.

On a one-to-one basis he was delightfully funny and caring. He enjoyed playing football.

He came to see us at a point where school teachers were reporting problems with his behaviour; he was frequently in detention.

Detailed assessment indicated significant symptoms of ADHD. Teachers were given advice about dealing with children like Matt. His parents were also given information about ADHD and contacts of local parent support groups. Medication for ADHD was also considered – Matt’s parents decided to wait a term. Our specialist nurse worked with the family and gave them advice on ADHD.

Even though things have improved for Matt, when he came back he was reported to be behind in his learning and handwriting. His self esteem was a bit better but was still low.

After careful consideration Matt and his parents decided to try medication. The doctor explained how it worked and Matt is now finding things easier.