Case Study – Laura (age 14) – ADHD

Laura’s parents were concerned that she often spent time daydreaming and not achieving her full potential. Laura (14) was quite anxious and sometimes her mood was a bit low. She had one or two friends but spent a lot of time at home not wanting to socialise. She loved watching YouTube videos – learning about makeup and hair styling. Her school teachers were not concerned although they thought Laura was capable of a better grade.

She came for assessment and the doctor reviewed all the questionnaires – we ask parents and teachers to complete a questionnaire before we meet as part of the initial assessment.

Laura was reluctant to talk about her strengths but with a bit of prompting from her parents she said she liked drawing, fashion and playing the guitar. There was a discrepancy between what the teachers said in the questionnaire and what Laura and her parents reported.

The teachers had no concerns about her concentration and only a minor concern about her organisational skills. Laura and her parents reported concentration difficulties and fidgeting behaviour.

Our doctor also carried out a QB check (an interactive computer test) to gain more information. This showed major problems with Laura’s concentration. Diagnosis of predominantly ADHD was diagnosed. Our doctors explained about ADHD and set out ways of dealing with the condition. Laura is now much happier.