Case Study 1 – Victor (age 11) – ADHD/Autism

Victor (11) had an assessment for ADHD following a detailed interview using information supplied by his parents and his school.

When he was 10 years old, it became clear that Victor had quite major difficulties with social skills at school. He tended to be on the periphery when children were playing together during school playtime. Victor was indifferent to peer pressure and preferred his own company. He loved to play games and spent a lot of time on the computer learning about World War Two.

He was very unhappy with any change and did not like holidays. He was due to go to secondary school and his parents were dreading this as the school was much larger and Victor would have to get to know so many new people. He tended to feel overwhelmed in busy places and was unusually sensitive to noise.

Victor was a very fussy eater and his food had to be served in an exact way.

Our doctor thought that Victor might have ASD in addition to ADHD. A speech therapist saw him and spent time with him in order to understand his style of communication and empathy skills.

The doctor saw his parents again for a detailed interview. An ASD diagnosis was confirmed as well as ADHD. His parents were encouraged to contact the local NAS group and were accepted on the parent training course. Victor is now doing well.