Autism Questionnaire

Take our questionnaire to see if your child may have Autism.


  • Never or rarely (never) = 0
  • Sometimes (mild) = 1
  • Often (moderate) = 2
  • Very often (severe) = 3

Assign a number to each question. At the end of the questionnaire count up how many you have of each number. If your answers are predominantly 2s or 3s, it may be worth seeking further advice from a specialist.

Does my child have autism?

  1. Finds it hard speaking with other people (e.g. poor at having a normal back and forth conversation, uses repetitive speech, does not initiate a conversation)?
  2. Has poor non verbal skills (e.g, lack of eye contact, lack of facial expressions/gestures, and repetitive motor movements such as hand clapping or repetitive use of objects such as toys?)
  3. Finds it hard to develop and maintain relationships (e.g. difficulty in adjusting behaviour for social situations, not sharing in imaginative play?)
  4. Has excessive resistance to change (e.g. routine food, repetitive questioning?)
  5. Has highly fixated interests with an abnormal intensity
  6. Highly sensitive to sensory input (noise, light, taste, smell, temperature. Fascination with lights or spinning objects)