Addmire Clinic
Based in West Byfleet, Surrey, South East England | 07957909754

We are making some changes to our website and may have intermittent access to emails, please give us a call on 07957909754 for any urgent enquiries. Thank you for your patience.

For the assessment, treatment and support of children and young people including those with attention issues such as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder - ADHD.

We believe that this condition is better known as Concentration Activity Neurodiversity - CAN - because you can do anything with the right support!

As well as ADHD, other behavioural and general paediatric problems, we also see children and young people where the question of autism has been raised. We do the medical part of the diagnostic assessment for these conditions in children and young people up to 18 years.

In summary we offer:

Guide for parents and referrers for children with behavioural concerns

It is important to be aware that ADHD can be associated with many other issues including:

All of these need to be considered as part of a holistic assessment.

Likewise, if a child presents primarily with features of any of the above issues then the possibility of ADHD also needs to be considered and assessed.

Questionnaires from parents, teachers and, where appropriate, young people need to be available prior to the clinic appointment. The questionnaires are designed to check about the wide variety of conditions, not just ADHD. This helps to give a diagnosis or explanation for symptoms as early as possible and to advise about treatment, support or further assessment.

We sometimes recommend that QbCheck is done. This is an objective test which measures concentration, activity level and impulsivity in children / young people and can aid the diagnosis of ADHD. If the questionnaires from teachers, parents and young people significantly differ from each other in reporting these symptoms, QbCheck is an essential part of the assessment.

The Team

The team consists of Consultant Paediatricians, nurses and managerial and administrative staff. ADDmire has been set up by Dr Bozhena Zoritch, FRCPCH, MA, MSc working closely with her colleague Dr Meenakshi Tanwar, MD, MRCPCH. Both are highly experienced Consultant Paediatricians who have worked at the pre-eminent local NHS ADHD clinic for many years. We work closely with Jill Goulding a specialist Speech and language Specialist.

Dr. Bozhena Zoritch

I am part-time Consultant Paediatrician at Epsom General Hospital and I also provide private ADHD and ASD assessment and treatment at ADDmire clinic in Surrey. Prior to my retirement as a full-time NHS Consultant, I led one of the largest NHS ADHD clinics in the country for 20 years. I have Masters Degrees both in Science (Community Paediatrics) and Arts (Medical Humanities) which enable me to give a truly holistic service to my patients.

Currently, I am engaged in a research project on ADHD as part of my PhD degree in Medical Humanities at the University of London. I am a Senior Member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health. In my 35 years as a paediatrician in the UK, I have been a staunch advocate of the psychosocial aspects of chronic disorders. No other condition has been as intriguing and rewarding in this context as ADHD.

Dr Meenakshi Tanwar

Dr Meenakshi Tanwar practices as a Consultant in Community Paediatrics with Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. She has over 17 years experience in Paediatric and Child Healthcare with a special interest in Neurodevelopment and behavioural problems (e.g. ADHD, Autism and sleep disorders) in children. She also has extensive experience in general and acute paediatrics.

She is a member of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH) and obtained Doctor of Medicine (MD) in Paediatrics from Nagpur University, India. Dr Tanwar worked in India and the UAE after graduating. She has been working with National Health Service (NHS) for the past 13 years and is very passionate about her work.

Clinic Vision

ADDmire clinic sees patients on a private basis, usually after referral from their GP or another Consultant. Our longer term objective is to be in a position to see NHS referrals but that is not currently possible. ADDmire is currently operated as a private limited company and has full CQC authorisation. In the future, we would hope to be able to re-establish ADDmire as a Community Interest Company working with other partners in the field.


Patients are seen by appointment only, usually after a referral from your GP or another consultant. Clinics are held in West Byfleet Consulting Rooms, Madeira Road, West Byfleet, Surrey, KT14 6DH - above West Byfleet GP Health Centre, only a 2 min walk from West Byfleet station. The clinic is only a short distance from London. All prices are competitive and are available on request.

Care Quality Commission Certificate of Registration